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The goal of our recruiting services is to provide the best qualified candidates that align with our client company's position requirements. Representing our clients in a professional, ethical, cost effective, and timely manner is our number one priority. Our standard services include the following:
  • Search and recruit candidates from multiple sources such as our vast data base, comparative corporations, recruiting partners and world wide web advertising specific to your position and requirements.
  • Identify and screen all candidates that match the position skills and experience.
  • Conduct in-depth interviews to verify and validate experience, skills, track record, employment history and education.
  • Complete candidate reference checking with the management of previous employers.
  • Manage the interview process from coordination of interviews, meetings and telephonic communications through the placement and employment commencement.
  • Follow up with the client thirty days following hire date to verify complete satisfaction with the placement.

C. D. Warner & Associates' unique comprehensive interviewing and screening process is the key to successfully matching only qualified candidates to the right position. If the candidate does not fit your specific requirements, they will not be submitted to you. This proven process drastically reduces wasted valuable time and money during the recruiting effort. Our interview to hire statistics are far greater than the recruiting market averages. We are averaging a 65% - 70% interview to placement ratio.

C. D. Warner & Associates reputation has been earned through client satisfaction with our quality services. We only search and recruit candidates for your specific requirements of the position. We do not just send you warm bodies to interview.

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C. D. Warner & Associates has a professional staff that have over 75 years of real-world corporate experience. Our staff has actually interviewed and hired many of the same type candidates your company is seeking such as: Executives, Managers, Sales and Technical personnel. Our staff has held Management positions with large Fortune 500 corporations, as well as smaller start-up firms and mid-size companies. The following list represents just a few of the companies at which the members of our staff have been associated with or employed over the past 30 years.

  • Bell Atlantic Corporation
  • Akibia
  • Novadyne Computer Systems

  • Apollo Computer Systems
  • IBM
  • McDonnell Douglas

Our "Proven Recruiting and Interview Process" has produced unprecedented results for our clients. Every candidate that is presented to our clients are interviewed by at least two (2) partners to insure we have covered all the bases regarding their respective credentials, experience, track record and personalities. This process has earned us the reputation for presenting only qualified candidates to our clients the first time, every time, therefore reducing recruiting costs and the time required by Hiring Managers to pre-screen both "No Fit" and "Non Qualified" candidates. C. D. Warner & Associates uses the latest technology and many sources available to us to find "Passive Job Seekers", not "Wanna Be's, Could Be's, or desperate candidates. We have always welcomed the hard to find, difficult, and needle in the haystack searches for our clients. If the person exists in the world that has the credentials your company is seeking, We Can and We Will find them!

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We are "Results Driven" C. D. Warner and Associates partners and staff are judged and paid on obtaining results for our clients which means; we find you the "Right Candidates" per your specifications. We make every effort to understand your company as well as you do, so we represent you in the best possible fashion to potential employees. We will present the reasons that a candidate would want to work for you, not just try to sell them on the company for the sake of presenting a candidate. Our client satisfaction is obtained only when we find you candidates that you want to hire and truly believe that the candidate will become an employee that will have a long-term career with your company. With your direction and guidance we will become your business partner, not just another vendor to obtain the results you are seeking in the shortest possible time frame.

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